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10/6/14 - Tons of new pictures, video, and accurate information about the four amazing waterfalls at the end of the Boulder Ridge Trail:  Boulder Glacier Falls, Samantha Falls, Upper Boulder Creek Falls, Upper Boulder Glacier Falls

10/2/14 - I added new pages for three new waterfalls in the Darrington area:  Cascade Creek Falls, Conrad Creek Falls, Crystal Creek Falls.  These waterfall are also the first to be rated with a slightly new rating system.  This new system eliminates the problem of tall, but very small volume waterfalls being rated too highly.  Eventually all the waterfalls on the site will get the new system which will result in lower scores for all of them so adjust your thinking accordingly.

9/16/14 - I have added a page for Hadley Falls in the Wells Creek Area.  This waterfall can be seen from the Cougar Divide Trail, but I hope to return later this year to get a close view of the waterfall.

9/5/14 - New pages for Crater Moraine Falls and Upper Crater Moraine Falls and updated information on Boulder Creek Falls.

9/2/14 - September begins with a flourish as I present four great new waterfalls on the west side of Mt. Baker.  Check out Thunder Falls, Lightning Falls, Upper Lightning Falls, and Lower Thunder Falls.  They're all different and all fantastic!

8/23/14 - As we creep closer and closer to the magical 500 waterfall mark (hopefully we'll get there by the end of the summmer), I have added a new page for Mazama Lake Falls, located just off the Chain Lakes Trail.

8/4/14 - I updated the pages for Kathryn Falls and Squak Glacier Falls and added new pages for Double Falls, Middle Sandy Creek Falls, South Squak Glacier Falls, Andesite Falls, and the unbelievable Upper Sandy Creek Falls.

7/13/14 - I added a new page for the unbelievable Malachite Falls along the Foss River Trail.  Check out how this waterfall effects our Top 10 List as well.

7/6/14 - I have a huge update for you after exploring Hearty Creek near the South Fork of the Nooksack.  The creek contains at least seven waterfalls along its course and they are all extremely pretty ones.  Add them all up and this is one of the best waterfall areas in NW Washington.  Check out Adoration Falls, Agape Falls, Charity Falls, Compassion Falls, Infatuation Falls, and Obsession Falls, as well as Bridal Veil Falls which we've had on the site for several years now.












KING COUNTY - 70 Waterfalls
SAN JUAN COUNTY - 7 Waterfalls

SKAGIT COUNTY - 89 Waterfalls

SNOHOMISH COUNTY - 101 Waterfalls

WHATCOM COUNTY - 216 Waterfalls